Safety Tips For Free Online Dating

Safety Tips For Free Online Dating
Online dating or Internet dating are very popular these days. But online dating has the advantages of its own, it's been misused by many and has its own disadvantages too. Online dating is fun and convienent but still one has to be very careful while dating with someone they hardly know. Here are some tips which may help you to be safe in online dating.

Start slow

While you are starting a new online dating over the internet, watch out for someone who seems to be good and true. Begin your online dating by communication through Emails. Before Emailing any person besure that your inner instinct is comfortable with the personal ads or online dating profiles. First send a message for the person whom you are interested, Read well and get to know about them through their online dating profile. During the communication through emails watch out for the odd behavior and inconsistencies. Listen to the correspondent's words in email. In Online dating you must listen each and every word carefully. Remember the person whom you corresponds may not be the true man in real. So trust your inner Instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable walk away from that person for your safety.

Gaurd your personal:

During the online dating process never include your full name, your real email address (if possible create aseperate email address for online dating purposes). Don't give any of your personal details like home address, telephone number, work place or any other identifiable information about you. During email communication be careful about your signatures, because they have your personal details. If possible disable them. Stop communicating with the members who are insisting you for these information or trying to trick you to reveal these informations. Take time to become comfortable with someone before revealing the personal informations. Ask a lot of questions and be sure that the answers are satisfying and without any other second thoughts and meanings.

Caution and common sense

Careful, thinkfull decisions generally leads to better results in dating, and this is very true with online Dating too. During the initial stages of online dating never trust others and trust yourself. A person will become trustable through constant honorable, forthnight beheavior. You need to test the person and take time for these before you trust the person, and pay careful attention along the way. Be conservative before you trust anyone in online dating. If you think someone lying, it is likely that they are, so act accordingly.

Request a Photo

A photo will give a good idea about a person's appearance, which may prove is claims. Never trust a person by single picture, try to get more picture of various locations background and poses. If the person comesup with constant excuses then the person has something to hide something from you.

On a overall picture in online dating our safety is in our hands and mind. If our mind is not trusing others then better move to those whom we trust.

Making Friendships Last - How to Make Friends and Friendship Till Our Life

Making Friendships Last
In our previous article on how do friendship ends, we discussed about some aspects which turns our friendship to its end. Now we know the reasons why friendship ends. How do we change their course and make them last?.

The solution for this depends on number of reasons on their end!. Article how fo friendship ends we said that friend may change when they move to a new place! what can we do for that

  • Communicate with your friend and behonest with each other and explain friends how this situation makes you feel.
  • Spend time with your friends till he leave to new place. try to make time to visit your old friends circle with them.
  • Exchange the address and disscuss about keeping touch in contacts. Find ways to establish the contacts. Being in internet you can have Email, Chats, Phone calls and if possible visiting eachother between regular intervals.

In my experiences I have my friends faraway from my place but we all have regular contacts through chats,emails, Phonecalls. By this way the friendship will stay alive even though you are seperated by distances.

These points is for every friends who are getting seperated by distances for various reasons like Higher education, jobs etc. It needs time to get used to, Whe we seperate by distance we feel emotionally dry and sad. it takes days, weeks or months to get used to it. when move happens be honest with each other and allow time for the move to feel comfortable and to know how life will change only because of this move. WHo knows we both may get another new friendship in the places and we may form a good friendship with all.If the friendship is important, work to adjust to the situation and eventually it'll seem as normal as everything else in life. Adjusting ourselves according to situation will bring lots of new adventures in friendship. Adjusting is a must in friendship.

What if there is a problem betwwn you and your friend. There is two ways to solve a problem in this world. Friendship also has two ways to solve the problems. One, let it go on its way. All of us seen two kids fights and hate each other. But that fight never withstand not even for ten minutes. After ten minutes they put each others hand in others shoulder, behave as if nothing happened between thme. A true friendship is also of that kind only. In friendship there must be small problems orelse that friendship will not be tasty. Saying this doesn't mean that we must fight with our friends. The fights must be like a dew drops in mornings. when sun comes out the dew drops will disappear. friendly fights must be like that. Two, is friendship is important for you, Then you can't you forget the conflict and problems. Make a move first from your side and you will witness the positive reply from your friend side also.He may have waited for your call or he may also thinking like you, What happens if your friend rejects the call!. In friendship there must not be any place for Ego.

The conflicts may araise due to stress at workor tiredness or some other situations for which friends or friendship never come into. These kind of conflicts must be understood by both friends, and it must be confronted. Dealing with a conflict with a friend is a big problem and emotional too. How about a short term stress than a long term stress.

Various ways to make this conflict an end.

  • Take your time to get cool from your stress and tiredness. after cooling talk about the conflict with open mind with your friend.
  • Realise a fact that your friend or friends too have theor own ideas and thoughts. Being your friend doesn't mean that they don't have any ideas and they follow yours.
  • Have a chat in a calm place with your friend, discuss the problem with your friend full open hearted.
  • This is a GOLDEN RULE for dealing a conflict. NEVER ALLOW any others inbetween you. unless there is a need of mediator between you both. Choose the mediator very wisely, who can able to reduce the conflict not to increse the conflict. This rule applys for any persons.
  • Focus to the solution rather than the problems. Focus must be in building stronger friendship from this conflict. A lot of true friendship started in conflicts only. When there is conflict if both are interested then there emerge a new friendship whch cannot be broken by anything in the world. So only we said that there must be small conflicts in friendship so that it builds our friendship stronger.
  • Another GOLDEN RULE : Apologize! . Apology is a best medicine for every problem. When we find that wrong is from ourside then we must be ready to ask an apology with our friend. If there is no apology between both It may close the conflict for time being but there won't be an end.

There is a sad part in the conflicts, Sometimes even after all these instructions some friendship which you need to keep amy fall. The more you mean a friendship, more time and emotions put you a hold, when these kind of situation araises at some point we need to put an end to the friendship. When this happens give time to regain yourself from the loss. does losing a friend is a loss. Wait for next article on Losing a friend - Facts and Practicals.